October 23, 2013

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PGSA Meeting Oct. 23, 2013



Hugo W., Kathi H., Kate M., Zaw L., Laura O., Katie C., Kami B.







Halloween Haunted House Trip to the Mortuary (Oct 24th)/other weekend excursion

5 people RSVPed so far for the visit to the haunted house- (Kathi, Kate M., Katie C + 1, Zaw, Laura, Hugo). Actually 8 or 9 people together. 8 pm on 24th Oct?? or 9 pm?? Have got 6 free tickets and we can share the cost if more are joining. Better bring some cash to make it easier. Possibility of the PGSA subsidies for the tickets


Ship Island

Only 3 Paysonites RSVP’d. Better postpone it (weather is cold now). To next semester, probably March or April? Could Kathi take the leadership role to organize it? Car is an issue(need a car!)

October Fest

Coming this Saturday.Welcome if anyone wants to join! Kathi is the contact person.


8 or 9( 6 paysonites) people will go on the evening of 24th Oct (tomorrow), 9 :00 pm. meet at the front at 9:00 pm


Postpone to next semester


Leadership & elections


Positions Open


4 Officer Positions

* Secretary: makes public and keeps a permanent record of the agendas and proceedings of the Council meetings.

* Program Coordinator: oversees PGSA-sponsored events and provides support to Committee Chairs for coordinating activities.

* Treasurer: administers and keeps records of the financial activities of the Association.

* Communications Liaison: ensures that relevant information is up-to-date and available to members, serves as an ambassador to other programs, and oversees outreach.


2 Committee Chairs

* Academic Committee Chair: oversees and coordinates efforts to provide opportunities for Payson graduate students to obtain skills and knowledge relevant to the field of international development outside the classroom, e.g. academic workshops, skills-building exercises, etc.

* Social Committee Chair: oversees and coordinates efforts to provide opportunities for Payson graduate students to interact in social settings, e.g. happy hours, field trips, etc.

Please review the email Kathi sent previously regarding text of positions & timeline.


Kami will talk with Sheila J. next week about creating the poll



We’ll need to begin the nominations process formally by the beginning of November




  • End-of-semester event planning
  • Next Happy Hour
  • IDCS
  • Academic Workshop
  • Faculty Research Presentation

Faculty research presentation will be coming Friday at the MPR (multi purpose room, Law School (food is provided by the PGSA) at 12:00


Next Happy Hour

 At a bar or at someone’s house (the latter is preferred)


Date: Nov 15th ??? – avoiding Dias de los Muertos & the mini-course over the wknd of the 8th.


Place: Kami house??? Or Kate house? (if no rain)




Still checking with Martin about his availability(date and time) – Zaw & Kate


Possible date:  within Nov 18-22(better option), or Nov 25 or 26(close to Thanks Giving)


Academic Workshop


  • Conflict Resolution by a professor of Tulane Law School?? Need to into possible time and date,

Make it in spring???,to give some time to organize 


How about in the fall?? (by Hugo), But will need a couple of week at least to organize


  • A workshop on CV writing??



Rock and Bowl (end of the semester event)


Dec 6th or 7th(might change), need to do reservation






We will decide the place for the happy hour next time











Will contact Martin by Kate and Zaw











Laura & Kate will look into it

Early next year



Kami could look into CV workshop and set it up. Probably next semester??




Kami will call to fix the reservation


Events & Speaker ideas




Budget Updates

About $ 4,000 left till the end of June

What are the possible expenditures? End of Semester events (Fall & Spring), IDCS, Academic Workshops, IHL support, conference sponsorships, meeting snacks


Could fund some events such as guest speakers, faculty research presentation, graduation, end of the semester event (rock & bowl??),



Coffee & Conversation meet ups

Critical dialogue? Like the criminal system in Louisiana? Questions of the Status Quo?? Or discussion around a topic selected?? Watch  

documentaries and discuss?? Organize it quite informal and relaxed??


Proposed Time and Date: Friday late afternoon??

Kathi will be happy to organize the first meet-up


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