September 11, 2013

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PGSA Meeting

September 11, 2013



Katie C., Kate M., Zaw L., Mei-Hua L., Hugo W-N., Maille F., John H., Sonita S., Laura O., Kathi H., Sean S., Kami B.

Keep meeting time at wed 5pm

What is PGSA doing?

  • Support for Payson’s activities
  • Help permanently improving the program: identify gaps, improve the curriculum
  • IDCS and academic workshops can be managed by Payson in the future
  • 5000$ budget per year
    • let’s try pulling funds from other sources
  • Conferences: funding from PGSA, Payson, Graduate Students Office (OGPS)

ICR request:

  • budget for workshop
  • how much do they want
  • we would be willing to support it with money and promotion
    • International Legal Society at Tulane: did you talk to them about
    • Graduate Lawyers at Tulane


  • Tulane faculty outside Payson (Kate?)
  • Somebody from the WTC
  • How about mixture of faculty, outsiders, researchers? (-> network and finding jobs J )
  • How many?
  • Make direct requests to Payson
    • Once per month? Might be too much
    • Let’s try two for this semester
    • Bill Bertrand?
    • Martin Burt

Career Services Center

  • now has somebody for graduates (R. Burk)
  • (but they might not know about IDEV)

Faculty research presentation: Kami is working on that

  • 10 to 15 minutes presentation

Academic workshop

  • we did grant writing, CV writing, research…
  • ideas:
    • programming
    • case study M&E system
      • more hands on, practical skills
    • grant proposal in an hour – not do it perfect but practice it
    • grant writing mini course this semester, so maybe that next time
    • qualitative field methods like participatory rapid assessment (?)
    • microfinance
    • conflict resolution (interpersonal or organizational perspective)
      • organizing consensus based methods
      • facilitation
    • negotiation
    • working with stakeholders
    • team building, coalition building, multicultural communication
    • design thinking (Maille could do that?) – design from the perspective of your “client”b
    • social permaculture
  • maybe other graduate students can do stuff

Career Panel

  • 18th of October, with Earl Picard
  • who else could be presenting?
  • K.C talking to her brother

Happy hours

  • every first Friday
  • at people’s houses?
    • Kate, Katie, Kami
  • Will try to keep it on the first Friday

End-of-semester social event

  • Rock n bowl?
  • Barcadia?

Non-school excursions

  • Vietnamese Farmers market and French baguette, bayou Sauvage
    • boating on Lake Catherine?
  • Ship Island
  • Clark Creek, west of Baton Rouge: hiking
  • Dulac & Bayou

International students presenting their countries:

  • Hugo would like to talk about One Young World Conference in South Africa (he’s attending it in the first week of October)

Katie: will ask A Sen if he wants to come J

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