Computer Science

Below is a listing of Payson People (we refer to ourselves as Paysonites) who specialize in Computer Science.

Susan Webber

Alumna, M.S., Peace Corps

Susan Webber works in the Office of the CFO at the Peace Corps in Washington, DC as a systems analyst. Currently, she is working on a project to re-architect a financial application that is deployed at all overseas Posts. Her longer term goal is to work for a development agency that is focused primarily on finding solutions for energy poverty (e.g. efficient cookstoves, micro-grid technologies). While at the Payson Center, Susan's studies focused primarily on development issues in Africa, particularly Kenya.

Tanawat (Pete) Likitkererat

Alumnus, PhD, American University of Nigeria

I have my Ph.D. in International Development at The Payson Center of International Development and Technology Transfer of Tulane University. My main competencies regarding international development are strategic information collection and use including geographical information systems (GIS), health information systems, health management information, system, surveillance system and management information systems (MIS). I approach knowledge management using information technology, digital library technology, and e-learning technology as the engines for information.

Gloria Toro

Gloria Toro
Alumna, PhD

Gloria Toro possesses extensive knowledge and experience in Information Technology (IT) for development with applications in education, health and organizations. Dr. Toro has designed and implemented digital libraries, databases and computer-based training materials in a broad spectra of areas which include HIV/AIDS and Emergency Management. Internationally well traveled, Gloria Toro has participated in ICT and community development projects, teaching and training in South America and Africa.

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