Tiffany Martindale

M.S. Candidate

Ophir Haberer

Ophir Haberer
Alumnus, B.A., research assistant at Can Tho University, Mekong Delta

Ophir Haberer is an undergraduate alumnus of Tulane University and Founder/Project Coordinator of the Tulane Hope Gardens Project, an outlet to engage students in urban gardening and sustainable living.

Ophir and his many social activisim projects were the subject of a Paysonite profile in the April 7, 2014 edition of the Payson Center, eNewsletter, The Monitor.

Robert Reimers

Guest Lecturer

Dr. Reimers is an environmental engineer and applied chemist specializing in natural resource management including residuals management and toxic/hazardous waste management. Areas of research are: biosolids treatment, disinfection, stabilization and reuse, industrial residual product development, innovative process development, usage of applied-fields to enhance existing processes and development chemical blends and other constituents for control of odors and sanitization. In these areas, he has published extensively along with the development of various patents.

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