Anne Rolfes

Anne Rolfes
Alumna, M.S., Louisiana Bucket Brigade

Anne Rolfes, Founding Director of the Louisiana Bucket Brigade, began her career in Nigeria, collaborating with local communities to address oil companies’ destruction of the Niger Delta. She returned to Louisiana in 2000 and founded the Louisiana Bucket Brigade to end pollution in her home state.

Hilary Nicole Zainab

Doctoral Student
Hilary Nicole Zainab Ervin is a Management Analyst with the HIV/AIDS Bureau at the Department of Health and Human Resources (HHS), Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA).  She currently serves as a Board of Director and Operational Coordinator for the Standby Task Force where she provides crisis informatics and mapping services to organizations such as UNOCHA, MSF, NetHope and others responding to complex humanitarian emergencies.

Rachel Bonet

Alumna, M.S., Audubon Center for Research of Endangered Species

I am a M.S. alumna in International Development, and I am focusing on environmental issues, with environmental and wildlife conservation being of particular interest to me. The interconnected nature of development and the environment as well as the necessarily international nature of environmental issues led me to Tulane's Payson program as it allows for specialization of course content to fit one's specific academic and career backgrounds and interests.

Tiffany Martindale

M.S. Candidate

Ophir Haberer

Ophir Haberer
Alumnus, B.A., research assistant at Can Tho University, Mekong Delta

Ophir Haberer is an undergraduate alumnus of Tulane University and Founder/Project Coordinator of the Tulane Hope Gardens Project, an outlet to engage students in urban gardening and sustainable living.

Ophir and his many social activisim projects were the subject of a Paysonite profile in the April 7, 2014 edition of the Payson Center, eNewsletter, The Monitor.

Susan Webber

Alumna, M.S., Peace Corps

Susan Webber works in the Office of the CFO at the Peace Corps in Washington, DC as a systems analyst. Currently, she is working on a project to re-architect a financial application that is deployed at all overseas Posts. Her longer term goal is to work for a development agency that is focused primarily on finding solutions for energy poverty (e.g. efficient cookstoves, micro-grid technologies). While at the Payson Center, Susan's studies focused primarily on development issues in Africa, particularly Kenya.

Li Li

Alumna, PhD, Teledyne Technologies Incorporated

Environmental specialist with expertise in international development and environmental science. Professional experience in operating air quality monitoring instruments, as well as managing and promoting air quality monitoring cooperation between countries. Excellent research and cross-cultural communication skills. Fluent in Chinese (Mandarin) and English.

Robert Reimers

Guest Lecturer

Dr. Reimers is an environmental engineer and applied chemist specializing in natural resource management including residuals management and toxic/hazardous waste management. Areas of research are: biosolids treatment, disinfection, stabilization and reuse, industrial residual product development, innovative process development, usage of applied-fields to enhance existing processes and development chemical blends and other constituents for control of odors and sanitization. In these areas, he has published extensively along with the development of various patents.

Meredith Bambrick

Meredith Bambrick, Tulane Payson Center for International Development LLM in Law & Development
Alumna, LL.M. in Development

Meredith Clare Bambrick, Esq. is a graduate of Tulane University Law School where she earned a J.D. and certificate in international and comparative law (2013) as well as an LLM in Development (2014), the latter for which she was awarded a full tuition scholarship.

John D Hays

Alumnus, Joint J.D./M.S., ARPC

Hello, my name is John Hays and I am a joint JD/MS (IDEV) 2014 alumnus. I grew up in the Memphis area and studied at Vanderbilt University where I majored in Economics and Spanish. My post-college career took an unusual turn when I made the decision to temporarily move to Argentina and play online poker professionally. Unlike many new graduates with an Economics degree, I was able to directly apply, on a daily basis, Game Theory, Statistics, and Behavioral Economics in my new trade.  What was initially a hobby in college proved to cover my expenses in a post-crisis Argentina.


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