Rules & Regulations

Upon admission to the Payson Graduate Program in Global Development, students are held responsible for compliance with the regulations of Tulane University as set forth in the University catalog and in other current or subsequent official statements. They should familiarize themselves with these regulations.

The Payson Graduate Program in Global Development and the University reserves the right to change any of its courses and charges without advance notice and to make such changes application to students already registered as well as to new students.

General Requirements

A student admitted to the Payson Graduate Program must be continuously registered during the academic year (exclusive of summer session) from the date of first registration until the awarding of the degree, unless the registration is terminated by resignation or by dismissal for academic or disciplinary reasons (see Continuous Registration listed below).

Under exceptional circumstances a student may be granted a leave by the Executive Director and during such period of leave, a student will be considered in continuous registration without payment or fee (see Leave of Absence Policy).

Course Load and Enrollment Status

The M.S. and Ph.D. programs in International Development at Tulane are offered both on a full-time and part time basis. Full time in the program is nine hours of graduate credits per semester. A student in part-time status is any student who is registered for less than nine hours of graduate credits per semester. Students wishing to apply for the federal student loan program, must be registered for at least six credit hours of graduate credits per semester.  (Note that qualification for federal aid including federal Stafford loans will depend on the FAFSA information, cost of attendance, and successfully completing Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) for their program if a continuing student.  The federal Grad Plus loan will depend on the FAFSA information, cost of attendance, credit approval by the federal government, and successfully completing Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) for their program if a continuing student).  Students who wish to register for more than nine credit hours per semester must consult the Executive Director for permission.

Continuous Registration Requirements

A student admitted to the Payson Graduate Program in Global Development must be in a continuous registration until the awarding of the degree. Any student who is not registered for course work must be registered in Master’s Research, IDEV 9980 (no credit hours) or Dissertation Research, IDEV 9990 (no credit hours) in order to remain in continuous registration. This entitles students to full student privileges. The student need not maintain registration during the summer session unless the degree is awarded during the summer. In that case, registration is obligatory for that summer. The continuous registration requirement applies both to resident and non-resident students. Failure to be so registered is de facto withdrawal and the Payson Center reserves the right not to readmit. A student who is readmitted is obligated to pay the applicable fee required to maintain continuous registration.

Tenure for Degree Students

Tenure is the maximum period of time normally permitted for the completion of all requirements for a degree and it is determined on the basis of consecutive academic years from the date or registration for graduate study at Tulane. Tenure is not affected by residency status. Under certain circumstances, upon the recommendation of the chairperson of a student’s committee, the Executive Director of the Payson Graduate Program may extend tenure, but a student whose period of graduate study is unduly prolonged or interrupted may be required to perform additional work. Tenure regulations are applicable to all degree students, regardless of date of first registration.

Master’s Degrees - Tenure is five years

Ph.D. Degree – Tenure is seven years, but earlier completion of all requirements is strongly encouraged.

Leave of Absence Policy/Withdrawal

Any student considering a leave of absence from the Payson Graduate Program in Global Development for one semester or longer should submit a written petition to the Executive Director. Generally a student who leaves the program in good standing is likely to be granted automatic readmission within a period of one year. To reenter, the student should notify the Executive Director at least one month prior to the start of the semester in which the student wishes to return of the intent to re-enroll. After one year, a student seeking to return to the program will be required to complete and submit a new application for admission and will be considered in the same pool as all other new applicants. Students returning from a leave of absence should be mindful that all of the coursework for a degree must be earned within the time frame as indicated in the “Tenure for Degree” information.

Students wishing to withdraw from the program after the start of a semester must submit written notification to the Executive Director. Tuition will be refunded only in accordance with the refund schedule listed in the academic calendar.

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