What Works in Development?: Thinking Big and Thinking Small

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About the recommender: 

This is an interesting and readable volume that brings together many experts in the field to ask:  "how do we know what works in develpment?" Each chapter is followed by two short "comments" that provide responses and alternative perspectives on the material presented. It provides the basis for an interesting discussion on big picture interventions vs. grassroots approaches and on the value of randomized evaluations. 

It is available in as an e-book from the Tulane Library and in hard copy at Howard-Tilton Library.

Contributors include Nana Ashraf (Harvard Business School), Abhijit Banerjee (MIT), Nancy Birdsall (Center for Global Development), Anne Case (Princeton University), Jessica Cohen (Brookings),William Easterly (NYU and Brookings),Alaka Halla (Innovations for Poverty Action), Ricardo Hausman (Harvard University), Simon Johnson (MIT), Peter Klenow (Stanford University), Michael Kremer (Harvard), Ross Levine (Brown University), Sendhil Mullainathan (Harvard), Ben Olken (MIT), Lant Pritchett (Harvard), Martin Ravallion (World Bank), Dani Rodrik (Harvard), Paul Romer (Stanford University), and DavidWeil (Brown).

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